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Since I’ve been in A.A., have I made a start toward becoming more loving to my family and friends? Do I visit my parents? Am I more appreciative of my spouse than I was before? Am I grateful to my family for having put up with me? Have I found real understanding with my children? […]

Reflections <!--040221-->

CHARACTER BUILDING Demands made upon other people for too much attention, protection, and love can only invite domination or revulsion…. TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 44 When I uncovered my need for approval in the Fourth Step, I didn’t think it should rank as a character defect. I wanted to think of it more […]

Each Day a New Beginnings <!--040221-->

Pretty Purple Flowers

Courage is the price that life exacts for granting peace. —Amelia Earhart— We have learned from experience that a wave of peacefulness washes over us after we have successfully finished a task that was difficult to face. Courage has its reward. However, from time to time, and from task to task, we find we need […]

Promise of a New Day <!--040221-->

We must assist natural process that serve the function of reunification. —Joseph G. Hancock— Some families in mild climates have begun to experiment with unified living: recycling wastes, growing food, and using only renewable sources like the sun and wind for power. Seen from the twelfth floor of an apartment building, in sub-zero weather, this […]

Keep It Simple <!--040221-->

To know all things is not permitted. —Horace— In recovery, we give up trying to be perfect. We give up trying to know everything. We work at coming to know and accept our short-comings. In Step Four and Five, we look at our good points and our bad points. In Step Six, we become ready […]

My Thought for the Day <!--040221-->

🧸Good Morning Valuable and Wonderful SISTER❗…🌄👭…What a morning to “Thank GOD” for Life, for Sobriety and the Remarkable chance to give of Ourselves to those around us unconditionally…🤗🦸‍♀️👬💑👭…that We may see the Solutions instead of focusing on the problems and rise above the troubles that may present themselves today, by bringing the best possible SOLUTION […]