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If you would be loved, love and be lovable. —Benjamin Franklin— We all desire to be loved. Our common human characteristic is our need to count in someone else’s life. At least one other person needs us, we tell ourselves, when we feel least able to accept life’s demands. How alike we all are. The […]

Thought For The Day <!--040521-->

People often ask what makes the A.A. program work. One of the answers is that A.A. works because it gets people away from themselves as the center of the universe. And it teaches them to rely more on the fellowship of others and on strength from God. Forgetting ourselves in fellowship, prayer, and working with […]

New Beginnings <!--040521-->

Pretty Purple Flowers

I came to the conclusion then that “continual mindfulness”. . . must mean, not a sergeant-major-like drilling of thoughts, but a continual readiness to look and readiness to accept whatever came. —Joanna Field— Resistance to the events, the situations, the many people who come into our lives blocks the growth we are offered every day. […]

My Thought for the Day <!--040521-->

🌈Good Morning Precious Heart ❗…🙋‍♀️💝…Good time to check in and look at Where we are right now⁉️…🤔😳…we could be at a place of, I just don’t know or care, maybe some worry, doubt and fear…🤷‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️…or maybe we feel like we are having a day that we can take on the world, by sitting on […]

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TRUE BROTHERHOOD We have not once sought to be one in a family, to be a friend among friends, to be a worker among workers, to be a useful member of society. Always we tried to struggle to the top of the heap, or to hide underneath it. This self-centered behavior blocked a partnership relation […]

Keep It Simple <!--040521-->

Go outside, to the fields, enjoy nature and the sunshine, go out and try to recapture happiness in yourself and in God. —Anne Frank— Many of us look at the joy and beauty of the program with caution. It was different from our addictive joy. Was it to be trusted? When we started working the […]