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To make the world a friendly place One must show it a friendly face. —James Whitcomb Riley— We are beginning to learn that we get what we expect. Why? If we believe that people are out to get us, we’ll not treat them well. We will think it’s okay to “get them” before they “get […]

Daily Reflections <!--040721-->

A WIDE ARC OF GRATITUDE And, speaking for Dr. Bob and myself, I gratefully declare that had it not been for our wives, Anne and Lois, neither of us could have lived to see A.A.’s beginning. THE A.A. WAY OF LIFE, p. 67 Am I capable of such generous tribute and gratitude to my wife, […]

Each Day a New Beginnings <!--040721-->

Pretty Purple Flowers

It is only when people begin to shake loose from their preconceptions, from the ideas that have dominated them, that we begin to receive a sense of opening, a sense of vision. —Barbara Ward— A sense of vision, seeing who we can dare to be and what we can dare to accomplish, is possible if […]

Thought For The Day <!--040721-->

In A.A. alcoholics find a way to solve their personality problems. They do this by recovering three things. First, they recover their personal integrity. They pull themselves together. They get honest with themselves and with other people. They face themselves and their problems honestly, instead of running away. They take a personal inventory of themselves […]

My Thought For The Day <!--040721-->

🌺 Good morning Lovely, Responsible, Beautiful, Strong, Creative Women❗ πŸ™‹πŸ’ͺπŸ’ƒ…Welcome to this Wonderful Dayβ—πŸŒŽπŸŒž… Courage is fear that has been prayed for. It brings us to a fork 🍴 in the road, where we can go one of two ways… 😳😱… Both of them seem very scary πŸ˜²πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ώ… We can do what We always did […]

Promise of a New Day<!--040721-->

Speak kindly today; when tomorrow comes you will be in practice. —Anonymous— Behavior is habitual: we thoughtlessly brush our teeth, set our alarm clock, start our car, or dress in order . We create rituals in our lives, and they free us from thousands of small decisions, leaving our minds less cluttered for the more […]