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Life is only this place, this time, and these people right here and now. —Vincent Collins— Staying in the present can be hard. This busy world pulls our focus from the present. We often wonder if the future will bring good times or bad times. Life is right before us. Look around. Life is happening—now! […]

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Anyone can blame; it takes a specialist to praise. —Konstantin Stanislavski— True praise is a form of love. Mystics and saints have seen the whole living, breathing world as a hymn of praise to the Creator Spirit. This spiritual vision implies that praise is both a natural act and an art; simply being can be […]

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We alcoholics are fortunate to be living in a day and age when there is such a thing as Alcoholics Anonymous. Before A.A. came into being, there was very little hope for the alcoholic. A.A. is a great rebuilder of human wreckage. It takes men and women whose personality problem expresses itself in alcoholism and […]

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🌈 Good Morning Blossoming Flower in this World…🙋‍♀️🌻🌎…Coming to know Ourselves, just might be the beginning of our Learning to set HEALTHY BOUNDARIES ❗…🤯🥳…We can be Grateful to our HIGHER POWER today, who helps us walk through our fear on a daily basis. Who helps us to see the people, places, and things, we have […]

Each day a new Beginning <!--060521-->

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The level of anxiety I feel when an attractive woman enters the room is the cue informing me of my closeness to God at that moment.  —Anonymous— Our security lies now and always in our relationship with God. When we are spiritually connected, we don’t lack confidence, self-assurance. We don’t doubt our value to those […]

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ENTIRELY READY? “This is the Step that separates the men from the boys.”. . . the difference between “the boys and the men” is the difference between striving for a self determined objective and for the perfect objective which is of God. . . . It is suggested that we ought to become entirely willing […]