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WE STAND–OR FALL–TOGETHER . . . no society of men and women ever had a more urgent need for continuous effectiveness and permanent unity. We alcoholics see that we must work together and hang together, else most of us will finally die alone. Alcoholics Anonymous, p.563 Just as the Twelve Steps of A.A. are written […]

Promise of a new Day <!--091622-->

We are not educated: most of us cannot read or write. But we are strong because we are close to the earth and we know what matters. —Mie Amano… The important thing in life is to know what matters for us. Our reality and values are our own; no one else can dictate them to […]

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💝Rise and Shine Beautiful, Strong and Creative Woman❗…🙋💪💃…Life is Zipping by at such a rapped pace…⏰📅… that we turn our heads and the week or month is over❓…🤦…🤷😳🤪…So before we can do it all over again, maybe we can check-in with ourselves…🤔💁…By asking  ourselves,”Am I Being TRUE to Myself ❓”…”Am I saying No when I […]

Each day a new Beginning <!--091622-->

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I long to speak out the intense inspiration that comes to me from lives of strong women.  —Ruth Benedict— Each day that we thoughtfully make choices about our behavior and our attitudes, we offer ourselves as examples to others–examples of strength. As women on recovery paths, we find encouragement from one another’s successes. No one […]

Keep it Simple <!--091622-->

Here’s my Golden Rule: Be fair with others but then keep after them until they’re fair with you.  —Alan Alda— Often in our illness we were ashamed, so we let people take advantage of us. We acted as if we had no rights. In recovery, we work hard to be fair with others. And we […]

A.A. Thought for the Day <!--091622-->

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Today, let us begin a short study of The Twelve Suggested Steps of A.A. These Twelve Suggested Steps seem to embody five principles. The first step is the membership requirement step. The second, third, and eleventh steps are the spiritual steps of the program. The fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and tenth steps are the personal […]