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Let us continue with Steps Four, Five, Six, Seven and Ten. In taking personal inventory of ourselves, we have to face facts as they really are. We have to stop running away. We must face reality. We must see ourselves as we really are. We must admit our faults openly and try to correct them. […]

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🌺Hello Sunshine and WELCOME to your Day❗…🌞🤗…When we return to the old thinking and behaviors for quick solutions, things tend not to work out very well …🧠🗣🤦😒…We can be left feeling over-whelmed with guilt, depressed, owing an APOLOGY to OURSELVES or OTHERS…😳😢🤝😦…But when we make the DECISION to do things different and come up to […]

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THE LAST PROMISE We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 84 The last Promise in the Big Book came true for me on the very first day of sobriety. God kept me sober that day, and on every other day I allowed […]

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To expect life to be tailored to our specifications is to invite frustration. —Anonymous— Life is what it is. It seldom matches our hopes and dreams, but it never fails to be exactly what we need. We are short sighted, really. Reflections on the past can enlighten us to this fact. Seldom does any plan […]

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Love doesn’t make the world go around. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. —Franklin Jones— Before recovery, anger, self-pity, and sadness often filled our hearts. The world went on. We came to hate the ride. In recovery, love fills our hearts. We begin to love life. Love is really caring about what happens to […]

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Praise and an attitude of gratitude are unbeatable stimulators . . . we increase whatever we extol.  —Sylvia Stitt Edwards— What outlook are we carrying forth into the day ahead? Are we feeling fearful about the circumstances confronting us? Do we dread a planned meeting? Are we worried about the welfare of a friend or […]