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We cannot fail to meet the same problems as did our forefathers, and learning their answers may help us to act upon them as intelligently as they did, and may even, perhaps, teach us to avoid making the same mistakes. —Anne Fremantle— As youth, we are impatient and don’t always believe in the values of […]

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I have got rid of most of my boredom. One of the hardest things that a new member of A.A. has to understand is how he can stay sober and not be bored. Drinking was always the answer to all kinds of boring people and boring situations. But once you have taken up the interest […]

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ONLY TWO SINS . . . there are only two sins; the first is to interfere with the growth of another human being, and the second is to interfere with one’s own growth. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 542 Happiness is such an elusive state. How often do my “prayers” for others involve “hidden” prayers for my […]

Keep it Simple <!--112222-->

We are healed of our suffering only to be experiencing it in full.  —Marcel Proust— As we must never forget our past. We need to remember the power that our illness has over us. Why? So we can remember how our recovery began. And that we can remember we’re not cured, we can tell our […]

Each day a new Beginning <!--112222-->

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All of the fantasies in your life will never match those I once tried to attain. Now older, it’s more important reaching the more realistic goals, and having them come true. —Deidra Sarault— Simply knowing that we are important creatures of the universe offers too little security for most of us. We do have a […]