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Little things affect little minds. —Benjamin Disraeli— Before recovery, we liked things our way. We thought every new thing we tired should go right the first time. Little problems could really upset us. We let little things spoil our day. We let little things affect big things—our entire lives. And our bad moods affected people […]

AA Thought for the Day <!--031023-->

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We also strengthen our faith by working with other alcoholics and finding that we can do nothing ourselves to help them, except to tell them our own story of how we found the way out. If the person is helped, it’s by the grace of God and not by what we do or say. Our […]

Promise of a new Day <!--031023-->

One cannot have wisdom without living life. —Dorothy McCall— Understanding circumstances, other people, even ourselves comes with the passage of time and our willingness to be open to all the lessons contained within a moment. We must be willing to participate fully in the events that have requested our attendance. Then we can discover the […]

Daily Reflections <!--031023-->

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TODAY, IT’S MY CHOICE . . . we invariably find that at some time in the past we have made decisions based on self which later placed us in a position to be hurt. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p.62 With the realization and acceptance that I had played a part in the way my life had turned […]

Each Day a New Beginning <!--031023-->

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It is healthier to see the good points of others than to analyze our own bad ones.  —Francoise Sagan— Looking for the good in others is good for one’s soul. Self-respect, self-love grows each time we openly acknowledge another’s admirable qualities. Comparisons we make of ourselves with others, focusing on how we fail to measure […]

My Thought For the Day <!--031023-->

🌈 GOOD MORNING Shooting Star…🌠👋…What does Your Surrender look like❓…😶🏳…Is it a few words to Your Higher Power❓ Is it an Understanding within Yourself or for another❓ Is it complete Defeat❓ Is it a Letting go⁉…🤔🗣💬✍📃…We can find SERENITY in Surrendering our will over to our HIGHER POWER, it is what precedes this, that one […]