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Tightly Bunched Bouquet Of Fall Flowers

One of the finest things about A.A. is the sharing. Sharing is a wonderful thing because the more you share the more you have. in our old drinking days, we didn’t do much sharing. We used to keep things to ourselves, partly because we were ashamed, but mostly because we were selfish. And we were […]

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Pretty Purple Flowers

Our friends were not unearthly beautiful, Nor spoke with tongues of gold; our lovers blundered now and again when we most sought perfection . . .  —Adrienne Rich— So often our expectations exceed reality. We want more than we have; our homes, our loved ones, perhaps our jobs seem not to measure up. “If only”–we […]

Promise <!--052123-->

Obstinacy in a bad cause is but constancy in a good. —Sir Thomas Browne— Faults, when their closely examined, often turn out to be the other end of virtues. Carelessness in one situation might be generosity in another; secretiveness might turn out to be an expression of tact. In most of us, positive and negative […]

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🌞 Good Morning Sunshine and Welcome to Our Day❗…💃💪🌅…We have so many possibilities today❗ …But will we choose to see them…😍💖…The choice is up to us.  We can open our EYES and really SEE our OPPORTUNITIES  to help others. to get outside ourselves and to stop the negative self-talk that plays up in our minds. […]

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A LIST OF BLESSINGS One exercise that I practice is to try for a full inventory of my blessings. . . . AS BILL SEES IT, p. 37 What did I have to be grateful for? I shut myself up and started listing the blessings for which I was in no way responsible, beginning with […]

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Be not afraid of growing, slowing, be afraid only of standing still. —Chinese proverb— All of us are a little afraid of growth. We wonder how growth will change our lives. Who will we be? Will our friend still love us? Can’t we grow up and get it over with? Why does it take so […]