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We are only as sick as the secrets we keep. — Anonymous— It is dangerous for us to keep secrets. Shame builds, and we’ll want relief. We may turn to alcohol  or other drugs. True relief  comes by talking about our secrets, by sharing who we really are with others. Our program helps us live […]

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Welcome to your morning Strong Resilient Beautiful Woman…💪👸🌴…We can sometimes find ourselves Living in Paralyzing FEAR of situations that are ONLY Happening, in our OWN Minds…😱😭🧠…This, If we can Only realize is, “The Boogeyman❗”…👹👤👻…Our minds in full “Alcoholic thinking❗” How do we Know this❓ Because, We are conjuring up in our minds, the Scenario of […]

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That has not half the power to do me harm, as I have to be hurt. —William Shakespeare— Each day is streaming with activities around which we choose attitudes and reactions. Any one circumstance might anger us today, even though yesterday it triggered laughter. No event, within itself, has the power to determine our feelings […]

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In the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous there were only two persons. Now there are many groups and thousands of members. True, the surface has only been scratched. There are probably ten million or more persons in America alone who need our help. More and more people are making a start in A.A. each day. In […]

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No one can build (her) security upon the nobleness of another person.  —Willa Cather— Where do we look for our security? Do we look to our husbands or our lovers? Do we look to a parent or our children? Perhaps we seek our security in our jobs. But none of these avenues brings lasting contentment, […]

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EXPERIENCE: THE BEST TEACHER Being still inexperienced and having just made conscious contact with God, it is not probable that we are going to be inspired at all times. ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS , p. 87 Some say that experience is the best teacher, but I believe that experience is the only teacher. I have been able […]