Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Promise of a new Day

Imagination has always had powers of resurrection that no science can match. —Ingrid Bengis—

Imagining the successful completion of a goal increases the likelihood of its attainment. Whether we imagine our success in an athletic event, college program, or preparing a meal, the image formulates a mind-set that’s conductive to the goals completion. Seeing ourselves leap with grace to hit a high, wide tennis shot makes the movement familiar when we’re on the court. Hearing ourselves answer correctly a committee’s queries reduces the anxiety when the test date arrives. Every anticipated event can be prepared for if we use our imagination creatively. However, we need to be aware that imagination can run wild if we’re not responsibly in the driver’s seat. At no time does someone else have the power to put wild, fearful ideas in our minds. And yet, we’re each capable of absorbing someone else’s negative suggestions if we’re not actively imagining our own positive ones.

No day is free from some level of anxiety about an impending situation. Relief from this anxiety lies in my mind. I’ll use my imagination wisely today.