Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Daily Readings And Meditations

Pretty Purple Flowers

New Beginnings

Faith is like the air in a balloon. If you’ve got it you’re filled. If you don’t, you’re empty.  —Peggy Cahn— Being faith-filled takes effort, not unlike becoming a good writer, tennis player, or pianist. Faith grows within our hearts, but we must devote time to foster this growth. Daily discussions with God are required, frequent quiet times to hear God’s messages to us–just as practice on the court, hitting balls or sitting for extended periods at the typewriter or a piano are necessary to attainment of these goals. Life’s difficulties are eased when we have faith. The most frightening situation, a job interview, an evaluation with our boss, a showdown with a friend, can be handled confidently when we let our faith work for us. But, we must first work for it, work to attain it and work to keep it. Like any skill, it gets rusty with lack of use. I will make sure to add to my reserves today. We never know when we may need to let our faith direct our every action. I will make a friend of my higher power, and that partnership will carry me over any troubled time.

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ACTIVE GUARDIANS To us, however, it represents far more than a sound public relations policy. It is more than a denial of self-seeking. This Tradition is a constant and practical reminder that personal ambition has no place in A.A. In it, each member becomes an active guardian of our Fellowship. TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 183 The basic concept of humility is expressed in the Eleventh Tradition: it allows me to participate completely in the program in such a simple, yet profound, manner; it fulfills my need to be an integral part of a significant whole. Humility brings me closer to the actual spirit of togetherness and oneness, without which I could not stay sober. In remembering that every member is an example of sobriety, each one living the Eleventh Tradition, I am able to experience freedom because each one of us is anonymous.

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If you have been put in your place long enough, you begin to act like the place. —Randall Jarell— Others can’t put us in our place all by themselves; we have to go there. Our cooperation is required for snubs and for blame or for glorification. If we don’t choose to accept the role another has found for us, we don’t have to play it. Sometimes it’s difficult to accept the choices life offers us. It seems easier to go along with the roles that others assign. How many people do we know who seem to drift through important areas of their lives, neither fully cooperating nor asserting their own choices? They might not like to admit it, but in “going along,” they’ve accepted someone else’s definition of who they are. Some of us comply out of the desire to cooperate—but there is a big difference. Compliance means refusing to exercise our own power to choose; cooperation means using our power together with others to achieve more than any of us can alone. If we accept the responsibility for our lives, we forego the luxury of saying, “Look what you made me do”; but in exchange we may get to do what we want. I will remember that anything that happens between us is half mine and half yours.

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Keep It Simple

One is happy as the result of one’s own efforts. —George Sand— Happiness is not an accident. It comes from following the spiritual voice found in each of us. This isn’t always easy. Sometimes, the voice tells us to do things we’re afraid of. For Example, if we’re lonely and the voice tells us to call someone on our phone list, we may make excuses to not do it. Again, the voice may say, “Just make the call. It will be okay.” If we follow the voice, we will find happiness. The spiritual voice inside us speaks of care and love. It will never tell us to hurt others or ourselves. It’s our Higher Power’s voice . It’s what Step Eleven calls “conscious contact.” If we follow this guiding voice, it will lead us to happiness. Prayer for the Day:  I pray that I’ll come to know my Higher Power by listening to the spiritual voice in me. Action for the Day:  Today, I’ll meditate and listen to my higher power gentle voice within.

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Thought For The Day

The A.A. way is the way of sobriety, and yet there are slips. Why do these slips occur? Why don’t we all accept A.A. and stay sober from then on? There are many reasons, but it has been proven without exception that once we have become alcoholics we can never drink successfully again. This has never been disproved by any case we know of. Many alcoholics have tried drinking after a period of sobriety from a few days to a few years and no one that we know of has been successful in becoming a normal drinker. Could I be the only exception to this rule? Meditation For The Day “We are gathered together in Thy name.” First, we are gathered together, bound by a common loyalty to God and to each other. Then, when this condition has been fulfilled, God is present with us. Then, when God is there and one with us, we voice a common prayer. Then it follows that our prayer will be answered according to God’s will. Then, when our prayer is answered, we are bound together in a lasting brotherhood of the spirit. Prayer For The Day I pray that I may be loyal to God and my fellow men. I pray that my life today may be lived close to His and theirs.

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My Thoughts For The Day

🌹 Hello Remarkably Strong, Beautiful Sister❗…💪👭…We are Gifted with this wonderful day to Grown in…🎁🌈👩‍❤️‍👩…We have so many opportunities to be self-seeking, dis-honest, and lost in the denial of our self-serving motives…😈👈😆…Majority of the time, we are Even Blind to these Characteristics…😎🧐😱…and our disease is having us Believe, “These are certainly good intentions❗”…🤡😜🤪…When in fact if we had only dug a little deeper, we would have found our real motives…🤯⛏🤥🙄…Maybe it is time to ask our HIGHER POWER to start showing us this deeper HONESTY⁉️…✨🕊😇🙏⚖ …“Higher Power, Help me to get out of YOUR WAY, and to know my AUTHENTIC Self, and to be a LOVING, POSITIVE, FRIEND TO MYSELF TODAY…👩‍❤️…and THANK YOU for allowing me this OPPORTUNITY to LEARN TO LOVE YOU and MYSELF…🎇😘💞…Have a Great Day My VALUABLE SISTER and if no one has told you today, “I LOVE YOU❗”…💖👩‍❤️‍👩🎁🤗✌🦋🦉💐🌾🌻🐇😘😘😘

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