Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Daily Readings And Meditations

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New Beginnings

There were deep secrets, hidden in my heart, never said for fear others would scoff or sneer. At last I can reveal my sufferings, for the strength I once felt in silence has lost all its power.  —Deidra Sarault— There is magic in sharing ourselves with someone else. We learn from Steps Four and Five that what we thought were heinous acts are not unusual. Our shameful acts are not unique, and this discovery is our gift when we risk exposure. Realizing how much we are like others gives us strength, and the program paves the way for us to capture that strength whenever and wherever we sense our need. Secrets block us from others and thus from God too. The messages we need to hear, the guidance offered by God, can’t be received when we close ourselves off from the caring persons in our lives. They are the carriers of God’s message. How freeing to know we share the same fears, the same worries. Offering our story to someone else may be the very encouragement she needs at this time. Each of us profits from the sharing of a story. We need to recognize and celebrate our “sameness.” When we share ourselves, we are bonded. Bonding combines our strength. Silence divides us. It diminishes our strength. Yet all the strength we need awaits us. I will let someone else know me today.

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RELEASE FROM FEAR The problem of resolving fear has two aspects. We shall have to try for all the freedom from fear that is possible for us to attain. Then we shall need to find both the courage and grace to deal constructively with whatever fears remain. AS BILL SEES IT, p. 61 Most of my decisions were based on fear. Alcohol made life easier to face, but the time came when alcohol was no longer an alternative to fear. One of the greatest gifts in A.A. for me has been the courage to take action, which I can do with God’s help. After five years of sobriety I had to deal with a heavy dose of fear. God put the people in my life to help me do that and, through my working the Twelve Steps, I am becoming the whole person I wish to be and, for that, I am deeply grateful.

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Change of scene has no effect upon unconscious conflicts. —Edmund Berbler, M.D.— There’s no running away from the internal strife. Whatever haunts us must finally be confronted and resolved if we’re ever going to grow and thus contribute to our world its due. When we keep secrets locked away, the secrets begin to keep us locked away as well. It is folly, and yet entirely human, to think a new location, a new job, a new lover will cure whatever troubles us. The truth is, however, that whatever trips us up is at the same time trying to edge us forward to new awareness, and thus the next level of growth. Our troubles are tools for a strengthened foundation. Without them, we’d soon crumble. When we consider the conflicts we encounter as opportunities for further development, they excite us rather than provoke anxiety. Changing our perspective can make the same scene appear quite new. As I look out upon “the scene” today, I can control my response to it. I can relish it and grow.

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Keep It Simple

Order is heaven’s first law.—Alexander Pope— We need order in our lives. It makes life simpler for us. Life without order would be like driving in a large city without traffic signals. Our lives as addicts were like this. We lived with no plan, no order. Now that we’re sober, we can put some order in our lives. We can get up every morning. We can make our beds and be on time for work. These things make life so much easier and nicer. we need this order. It allows us to depend on ourselves. We now look at the Twelve Steps to bring order to our lives. The Steps follow each other as summer follows spring. Do I allow myself to follow the natural order or do I fight it? Prayer for the Day:  Higher Power, You’ve put order in this world. Please put order in my life. Let me flow within this order instead of being on my own. Action for the Day:  The Twelve Steps have a natural order. Today I’ll take time to read each Step and think about the order found in them.

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Thought For The Day

You should be ready and willing to carry the A.A. message when called upon to do so. Live for some purpose greater than yourself. Each day you will have something to work for. You have received so much from this program that you should have a vision that gives your life a direction and a purpose that gives meaning to each new day. Let us not slide along through life. Let us have a purpose for each day and let us make that purpose for something greater than just ourselves. What is my purpose for today? Meditation For The Day To see God with eyes of faith is to cause God’s power to manifest itself in the material world. God cannot do His work because of unbelief. In response to your belief, God can work a miracle in your personality. All miracles happen in the realm of personality and all are caused by and based on belief in God’s never-failing power. But God’s power cannot manifest itself in personalities unless those personalities make His power available by their faith. We can only see God with the eyes of faith, but this kind of seeing produces a great change in our way of living. Prayer For The Day I pray that I may see God with the eyes of faith. I pray that this seeing will produce a change in my personality.

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My Thoughts For The Day

💐 Good morning to you, You Beautiful, Strong, Courageous Woman of this wonderful world ❗ 💪💃🌏… We come to learn that to be healthy and strengthened in our program, through ourselves and our Higher Power…📖🙋✨ … We cannot depend on people, places,things or situations to make happy …😀😄😔 … For when We have allotted ourselves these types of expectations, a let down is in our near future❗❗  For no human power can.. But there is One who has all POWER and We can FIND that Power NOW…✨🌿🕊 .. And it is when We can put complete DEPENDENCE upon this ONE, That we can find the true FREEDOM and HAPPINESS We are seeking ❗ Life is a wonderful thing when We can take our expectations off of people, places, thing, and situations and see the BEAUTY in IT ❗❗🗣🤳👩‍❤️‍👩..🐸🦆🐣🦋🐈… And I see the BEAUTY  IN YOU MY LOVELY FRIEND ❗ have a fantastic day…💋💋💋💄☕☕😘😘😘

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