Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Daily Readings And Meditations

Pretty Purple Flowers

New Beginnings

When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.  —Eleanor Roosevelt— We need to take note, today, of all the opportunities we have to offer a helping hand to another person. We can notice too, the many times a friend, or even a stranger, reaches out to us in a helpful way. The opportunities to contribute to life’s flow are unending. Our own vibrancy comes from involvement with others, from contributing our talents, our hearts to one another’s daily travels. The program helps us to know that God lives in us, among us. When we close ourselves off from our friends, our fellow travelers, we block God’s path to us and through us. To live means sharing one another’s space, dreams, sorrows, contributing our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our arms to hold, our hearts to love. When we close ourselves off from each other–we have destroyed the vital contribution we each need to make and to receive in order to nurture life. We each need only what the other can give. Each person we meet today needs our special contribution. What a wonderful collection of invitations awaits me today!

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A.A. IS NOT A CURE-ALL It would be a product of false pride to claim that A.A. is a cure-all, even for alcoholism. AS BILL SEES IT, p. 285 In my early years of sobriety I was full of pride, thinking that A.A. was the only source of treatment for a good and happy life. It certainly was the basic ingredient for my sobriety and even today, with over twelve years in the program, I am very involved in meetings, sponsorship and service. During the first four years of my recovery, I found it necessary to seek professional help, since my emotional health was extremely poor. There are those folks too, who have found sobriety and happiness in other organizations. A.A. taught me that I had a choice: to go to any lengths to enhance my sobriety. A.A. may not be a cure-all for everything, but it is the center of my sober living.

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One often learns more from ten days of agony than from ten years of contentment. —Merle Shain— Pain pushes us, sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully. It pushes us to make or accept changes in our lives. We do not always welcome change. Often the change even seems to intensify the pain for a spell. But in time we’ll clearly see the need for the change. The peaceful periods in our lives have their purpose, too. They give us time to rest, to grow accustomed to changes, to nurture the “new self ” that the changes made. Accepting all the experiences as necessary to our development removes the negativity we are likely to attach to these experiences. We might instead choose to celebrate those difficult times, recognizing their worth to our human potential. A positive attitude today will enhance the value of every experience. The choice is open to me.

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Keep It Simple

When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen. —Ernest Hemingway— It’s hard to listen in a complete way. Often we listen, but we’re still thinking about ourselves. We wonder, “How do their words relate to me? Do I have anything to add?” Often, fear is behind these questions. We fear saying the wrong thing. We fear looking stupid. Good listeners know how to let go of their fears. To listen completely, we step outside ourselves, and we’re totally there for someone else. Sometimes we listen for only a few moments. Sometimes we don’t even agree with the people we’re listening to. But we let them know that they count. What a gift we give when we listen in a complete way! Prayer for the Day:  Higher Power, teach me to listen in a complete way. Teach me to step outside myself and be their for others. Action for the Day:  Today, I’ll listen to what the person says.

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Thought For The Day

Men and women keep coming into A.A., licked by alcohol, often given up by doctors as hopeless cases, they themselves admitting they’re helpless to stop drinking. When I see these men and women get sober and stay sober over a period of months and years, I know that A.A. works. The change I see in people who come into A.A. not only convinces me that A.A. works, but it also convinces me that there must be a Power greater than ourselves which helps us to make that change. Am I convinced that a Higher Power can help me to change? —Meditation For The Day — Cooperation with God is the great necessity for our lives. All else follows naturally. Cooperation with God is the result of our consciousness of His presence. Guidance is bound to come to us as we live more and more with God, as our consciousness becomes more and more attuned to the great Consciousness of the universe. We must have many quiet times when we not so much ask to be shown and led by God, as to feel and realize His presence. New spiritual growth comes naturally from cooperation with God. —Prayer For The Day—I pray that God may supply me with strength and show me the direction in which He wants me to grow. I pray that these things may come naturally from my cooperation with Him.  

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My Thoughts For The Day

🌞 Hello Sunshine in the WORLD❗…🙋🌎… We can walk this Wonderful journey Hand and hand with our Higher Power who can give all we need to get us through our Day…✨🤝👩‍❤️… We just have to be alert to the experience and then the lessons. But it will always help make Us stronger and give us opportunity to Grow and share these experiences to maybe help Others learn and Grow as well…👶🏋️‍♀️… We are all in a school of life if we choose to be…🚍🚶‍♀️…How can I be helpful to a fellow classmate???…😇👩‍🎓…it’s remembering to Stay Out of the dark ally on the way there by reaching out and DOING THE NEXT RIGHT THING❗…😱🌃🤔🙇‍♀️📘🗣🤳… Only negatives are DEVELOPED in DARK ROOMS, so let us get into SHINING the POSITIVE LIGHT of our ATTITUDES and PROGRAMS…🌌📸🔦👼…You ARE AMAZING and “I Love YOU❗”…💖🤗Have a Great Day❗…🦋👩‍❤️‍👩💐💐💐💋💋💋

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