Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Daily Readings And Meditations

Pretty Purple Flowers

New Beginnings

How I relate to my inner self-influences my relationships with all others. My satisfaction with myself and my satisfaction with other people are directly proportional. —Sue Atchley Ebaugh— Hateful attitudes toward others, resistance to someone’s suggestions, jealousy over another woman’s attractiveness or particular abilities are equally strong indications of the health of our spiritual programs. Our security rests with God. When that relationship is nurtured, the rewards will be many and satisfactions great. Our inner selves may need pampering and praise. They have suffered the abuse of neglect for many years, no doubt. In many instances we have chided ourselves, perhaps shamed ourselves. Learning to love our inner selves, recognizing the value inherent in our very existence, takes effort, commitment, and patience–assets we may only just now be developing in this recovery program. Our inner selves are the home of our Spirit wherein our attachment to all strength, all courage, all self-esteem, and all serenity resides. Our Spirit is one with our higher power. We must acknowledge the presence and utilize the comforts offered. My relationships with others are as healthy and fulfilling as my communication with God.

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“THE GOOD AND THE BAD” “My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad.” ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 76 The joy of life is in the giving. Being freed of my shortcomings, that I may more freely be of service, allows humility to grow in me. My shortcomings can be humbly placed in God’s loving care and be removed. The essence of Step Seven is humility, and what better way to seek humility than by giving all of myself–good and bad–to God, so that He may remove the bad and return to me the good.

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As contagion of sickness makes sickness, contagion of trust makes trust. —Marianne Moore— Attitudes give birth to themselves. fresh ideas foster fresh responses to old and new situations. Each of us is favored with responses from others that generally match those we’ve shared,too. We should never be surprised by how others treat us. We have been their teachers in every instance. Giving love invites it. Expressions of honesty encourages that, too. We must only expect that hatefulness and dishonesty will greet us if we’ve offered nothing more to others. We should always be aware of the power of our attitudes and behavior towards others. They will bring favor or disfavor upon us. We should be mindful, too, that joy is contagious—as are respectful behavior, a trusting attitude, and gratitude. We are charged with the responsibility for creating a better world in which to live. Peace and happiness begin here, now, with each of us. Peace, joy, and good fortune will accompany me on my trip today if I do my individual part to spread it.

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Keep It Simple

. . . for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. —Luke 17:21— We want so much to be good. Even when we used alcohol or other drugs, we wanted to believe we were good people. But we often felt we couldn’t measure up. We thought we had to live by a set of rules that we could never follow. Now we’re finding the goodness inside us. Goodness isn’t something we do. Goodness is just being what we already are. Our Higher Power speaks to us in many ways, including through our hearts and minds. We don’t have to try so hard top be good. We just learn to relax and invite our Higher Power to be part of our lives. Prayer for the Day:  Higher Power, You have put peace, knowledge, love and joy in my heart today. Help me to always find these things. Action for the Day:  How’s my Higher Power like a loving king or queen? How can I have a kingdom inside me? I’ll talk with my sponsor about this today.

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Thought For The Day

One of the finest things about A.A. is the diversity of its membership. We come from all walks and stations of life. All types and classes of people are represented in an A.A. group. Being different from each other in certain ways, we can each make a different contribution to the whole. Some of us are weak in one respect, but strong in another. A.A. can use the strong points of all its members and can disregard the weaknesses. A.A. is strong, not only because we all have the same problem, but also because of the diversified talents of its members. Each can contribute his part. Do I recognize the good points of all my group’s members? Meditation For The Day “And greater works than these shall ye do.” Each individual has the ability to do good works through the power of God’s spirit. This is the wonder of the world, the miracle of the earth, that God’s power goes out to bless the human race through the agency of so many people who are actuated by His grace. We need not be held back by doubt, despondency and fear. A wonderful future can lie before any person who depends on God’s power, a future of unlimited power to do good works. Prayer For The Day I pray that I may not limit myself by doubting. I pray that I may have confidence that I can be effective for good.

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My Thoughts For The Day

🌞Good Morning Vibrant Strong SISTER Sharing in this remarkable Morning❗…👭🥳…Instead of reacting instantly to these things and Situations happening around us, We can pause and pray about it and respond with Loving Kindness, PATIENCE, Tolerance…I cried out in my Fear…Oh Dearest GOD are You There❓…🙋‍♀️/🧎‍♀️🤷…For I am feeling fright, fear and anxiety, when all’s I see is Pain and destruction…😱⚒😭…again I cried out, are YOU THERE GOD❓… and Like on the wings of a Morning Dove, You Gently lifted my heart from it’s turbulent fire and reminded me that I am a Resilient CHILD OF GOD…🌿🕊🤸…and that when all things seem rough and I get weak, I have A PARENT, A FRIEND, A LOVER, A TEACHER, A CREATOR, A GOD OF MY UNDERSTANDING…Who Has Not and Will not Let Me DOWN, as long as He where SOUGHT❗…🌈✨👀…We are not bad trying to get good…we are SICK TRYING TO GET WELL and this is how we have to try and see Others right now…We are such MIRACLES today…Keep Fighting the GOOD FIGHT…and if no one has told you today, “I love you ❗”…👼💃🐈🐕💋💋💋😁😋👋🌺☕🍭

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