Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Daily Readings And Meditations

Pretty Purple Flowers

New Beginnings

Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.  —Helen Keller— There is wonder in the moment, if we but look for it, let it touch us, believe in it. And with the recognition and celebration of the wonder comes the joy we desire and await. Being wholly in tune with the present moment is how we’ll come to know the spiritual essence that connects all of life. We search for peace, happiness, and contentment outside of ourselves. We need instead to discover it within us, now and always, in whatever we are experiencing.We can let our experiences wash over us. Longing for a different time, a distant place, a new situation breeds discontent. It prevents us from the thrill, the gifts offered in this present moment. But they are there.We can practice feeling joyful in the present, be thrilled with the realization that right now, all is well. All is always well. Life is full of mystery and wonder and each moment of our awareness adds to the wonder. I am moving forward; we all are. I am on target. I am participating in a glorious, wonderful drama. Let me jump for joy. I have been specially blessed.

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ENTERING A NEW DIMENSION In the late stages of our drinking, the will to resist has fled. Yet when we admit complete defeat and when we become entirely ready to try A.A. principles, our obsession leaves us and we enter a new dimension – freedom under God as we understand Him. AS BILL SEES IT, p. 283 I am fortunate to be among the ones who have had this awesome transformation in my life. When I entered the doors of A.A., alone and desperate, I had been beaten into willingness to believe anything I heard. One of the things I heard was, “This could be your last hangover, or you can keep going round and round.” The man who said this obviously was a whole lot better off than I. I liked the idea of admitting defeat and I have been free ever since! My heart heard what my mind never could: “Being powerless over alcohol is no big deal.” I’m free and I’m grateful!

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[In the 16th century] one has only the difficulties involved in feeding a baby if the mother’s milk ran dry. —Philippe Aires— Scientific progress has brought our society to the point where such a disaster as a milkless mother need have no consequences for her or her infant. Clean water, sewage disposal, immunization, and a widely available varied diet ensure relatively good health for millions. Sometimes this tempts us to look at the past as if it were another species. People had the same feelings four hundred years ago as we have today. Life was brutally hard; no families expected that all the children born would survive to maturity; people were old at 35 and often dead at 45. But they loved, feared, raged and sought spiritual peace as we do. Visiting old cemeteries is a moving experience, and an exercise for the imagination. Here is a man who buried three wives; here is a family that lost four children in four years. We can reconstruct a different world in an hour or two and give ourselves an occasion for gratitude. Imagine myself into the difficulties of the past can broaden my sympathies for the present.

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Keep It Simple

You’re never to old to grow up. —Shirley Conran— Some of us have spent many years trying not to grow up. As children, we watched the adults around us. They may not have seemed happy. “Is life all hard work for grown-ups?” We wondered. No, it’s not hard work. There are lots of good things about growing up. We can take charge of our life. We can learn to take care of ourselves. We can learn to share feelings with good friends. We can make our world safe enough for us to express feelings again. We learn how to love others. We do have choices. Prayer for the Day:  Higher Power, help me grow up into a happy, grateful adult. Action for the Day:  There are happy grown-ups. I’ll find one to be my sponsor.

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Thought For The Day

I don’t believe that A.A. works because I read it in a book or because I hear people say so. I believe it because I see people getting sober and staying sober. An actual demonstration is what convinces me. When I see the change in people, I can’t help believing that A.A. works. We could listen to talk about A.A. all day and still not believe it, but when we see it work, we have to believe it. Seeing is believing. Do I see A.A. work every day?Meditation For The DayTry saying “God bless her (or him)” of anyone who is in disharmony with you. Also say it of those who are in trouble through their own fault. Say it, willing that showers of blessings may fall upon them. Let God do the blessing. Leave to God the necessary correcting or disciplining. You should only desire blessing for them. Leave God’s work to God. Occupy yourself with the task that He gives you to do. God’s blessing will also break down all your own difficulties and build up all your successes.Prayer For The DayI pray that I may use God’s goodness so that it will be a blessing to others. I pray that I may accept God’s blessing so that I will have harmony, beauty, joy, and happiness.  

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My Thoughts For The Day

🌺Good Morning to To You on this Wonderful day…🌞👼🙋… Just a little something to Shine some warmth on your day and to spread the Joy and Lighten the Heart❗…😘💖…It is always so wonderful to know that we are not Alone in this thing called Life..💐👍🎁… That If I reach out in need, I to am helping another in this Simple Program…👭🤝📖… sometimes, I Find the solution is not so much focusing on the Problem, But can be finding a SOLUTION in Our HIGHER POWER by asking for help in our next Thoughts and ACTIONS…🤔🤷‍♀️🥳…We do not have to be caught off guard with the “Excuses of  Yesterday” or the “I Musts” of our Disease Today❗ For we can take it moment by moment, Breath by Breath remembering, ” we are STRONG❗”…Have a Glorious Day My Fabulous Friend… And if no one has told you this very morning… I LOVE YOU!!🤫💫🌹🌈🦄🌼🐳🦋”…

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