Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Daily Readings And Meditations

Pretty Purple Flowers

New Beginnings

Sometimes, sisters have the same journey in their hearts. One may help the other or betray her. Will they cross over? Will the ship sail without them?  —Louise Bernikow— Other women share our struggle. When we treat our women friends as sisters and fellow pilgrims, we find great joy in our mutual help. We pray for the wisdom to let go our feelings of insecurity and rivalry with other women. Rivalry is not good for us. It leads us to forget our own unique qualities. We each are the best person in the world at one thing: being ourselves. When we compete, we need to retain a balanced perspective and to think well of ourselves whether we win or lose. We run the best race we can; therefore, let us not regard other women as rivals. They are our sisters, and they, too, are doing the best they can. Today, I will pray for the serenity that will let me see when my sisters have the same journey in their hearts as I.

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IN ALL OUR AFFAIRS . . . . we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs. TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 106 I find that carrying the message of recovery to other alcoholics is easy because it helps me to stay sober and it provides me with a sense of well-being about my own recovery. The hard part is practicing these principles in all my affairs. It is important that I share the benefits I receive from A.A., especially at home. Doesn’t my family deserve the same patience, tolerance and understanding I so readily give to the alcoholic? When reviewing my day I try to ask, “Did I have a chance to be a friend today and miss it?” ” Did I have a chance to rise above a nasty situation and avoid it?” “Did I have a chance to say ‘I’m sorry,’ and refuse to?” Just as I ask God for help with my alcoholism each day, I ask for help in extending my recovery to include all situations and all people!

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The first element of greatness is fundamental humbleness. —Margot Asquith… Recognition of the magnitude of creation heightens our awareness of the small but essential contribution that we each offer to the whole. We come to know that we are necessary to its completion, thus we are special. With that knowledge we are quieted, softened, and secure. We are at peace. Sensing the meaning of our own existence enlightens us about others’ value as well. This knowledge fosters love, respect, and acceptance of another’s unique personhood. Each attempt at nurturing another is, in turn, an act of self-nurture. The road stretching before us looks long and will often be rocky. We’ll inch along at times. But when we remember our value, our unique necessity to the whole, the rocks will easily be sidestepped and our pace will quicken. I will breathe deeply the realization of my meaning. I am needed by the people I meet. And I will recognize their value to me.

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Keep It Simple

And to practice these principles in all our affairs. Third part of Step Twelve— This is a statement about us. We are now people of values. These values reflect our spiritual growth. So we know how to help others. We know how to admit our wrongs and we know how to look at ourselves and change our defects. We know how to live an honest life. Step Twelve tells us. “Go use these tools for better living. Go be all you can be. Enjoy life and live a life you can be proud of.” Step Twelve also tells us about how to have loving relationships. By the time we complete Step Twelve, we make or regain many relationships. The most important one is with our Higher Power. As we grow in the program, we realize all our relationships are spiritual gifts. Prayer for the Day:  Higher Power, I now have one face instead of many masks. Help me be a person who will stand before You with pride, not shame. Action for the Day:  Today, I’ll talk with a friend and talk about my new values. I will talk about how much my life has changed.

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Thought For The Day

There is some alcoholic thought, conscious or unconscious, that comes before every slip. As long as we live, we must be on the lookout for such thoughts and guard against them. In fact, our A.A. training is mostly to prepare us, to make us ready to recognize such thoughts at once and to reject them at once. The slip comes when we allow such thoughts to remain in our minds, even before we go through the motions of lifting the glass to our lips. The A.A. program is largely one of mental training. How well is my mind prepared? Meditation For The Day Fret not your mind with puzzles you cannot solve. The solutions may never be shown to you until you have left this life. The loss of dear ones, the inequality of life, the deformed and the maimed, and many other puzzling things may not be known to you until you reach the life beyond. “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot hear them now.” Only step by step, stage by stage, can you proceed in your journey into greater knowledge and understanding. Prayer For The Day I pray that I may be content that things which I now see darkly will some day be made clear. I pray that I may have faith that someday I will see face to face.

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My Thoughts For The Day

🌻Good morning Beautiful Friend …👋🌈🌞 … What a Beautiful Day to celebrate where we are, on our journey in our recovery…🎉👣👩‍❤️ …with Courage and Strength, Hope and Willingness, Honesty and Faith… To realize that… JUST CAUSE WE THINK IT, DON’T MAKE IT REAL … LOL…🧠😂😱  … We Have a mind that likes to make up it’s own Stories, Create it’s own Evidence, and put coincidence in a category of FACT … JURY by TRIAL….👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🔨😈 And this is where we end up living all twisted up, Irritable, intolerant and discontent …🤬😳🥨… So life gets so much easier, when We STOP TRYING to Be JUDGES and EXECUTIONERS …👤🔫👮👺 Because in our minds, They are trying to get something we want, Or take something we already possess…🚗💎💰🏰💏 … Today we are going to be willing to Believe OUR HIGHER POWER has better plans for our lives…✨🌅🤗 🌈🕊…And that we can Just live in the moment as Positive as we can, and when the negative thoughts come, we are aware and WE ARE RESPONSIBLE…😮=😇🙏… WE DO HAVE THE COURAGE TO CHANGE THE THINGS WE CAN… 💪🐇🌹🦅🌾🦋🌸🦄 Have a Beautiful day my FANTASTIC SISTER 😘😍🎊🐧🦆🐇🥗👍🏻👌🏻💋💋💋💄

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