Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Promise of a new Day

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. —M. Kathleen Casey—

Every day is a series of experiences; some we’ll greet with relief, laughter or anger. However, all experiences, even those most dreaded, encompass the very lesson we’re ready to undertake. And the people in our lives are here to serve as our mentors.
The pinch of any experience lives on in the mind. We sometimes savor the wound, letting it feed our self-pity or fester our resentment. Likewise, we often hang on to a fond memory, replaying the action over and over again in our minds. Whether it’s a good or a bad memory, we neglect the present if our minds are locked in to the past.
Our freedom to let go of an experience, to laugh at ourselves, to accentuate the positive in our lives, exhilarates us. It also heightens our anticipation for every moment a day promises.
I am personally in charge of all responses to all experiences today. I can feel however I choose every minute of the day.