Our Folded Hands

Women helping Women. Reaching out to the Sister who still suffers. Helping each other through the Good times and the Difficult times. To get to the SOBER way of life, One Day at a Time.

Promise of a new Day

How magnificently you tossed away this God who plagues and helps man so much! But you did not and could not toss out of your heart that part of you from which the God notion had Come.—Richard Wright— Each of us accommodates “the God notion’ in our own way, but we all have it. Although we may not all worship a great Mother or Father figure, our spiritual dimension makes us all kin. To deny our spiritual selves will bring us unrest; our life’s journey is always toward serenity, and serenity means finding peace within, answering those searching questions of the spirit. Some of us will seek answers in many forms, in different languages, but our quest is as real and as simple if we stay at home and explore within ourselves. When we’re honest with ourselves, we find this radiant truth: an authentic search for spiritual wholeness can be successful. Let me honor “the God notion” and never use it against myself or any fellow being.